Premises Liability

Biren Law Group'S Attorneys Successfully Handle All Types Of Premises Liability Accident

There are an infinite number of ways that persons can be injured as a result of dangerous premises. Premises liability accidents that cause serious / catastrophic personal injuries can present many complex issues. If you've been seriously injured as a result of a slip and fall or trip or in any other type of accident resulting from dangerous premises, you should contact the law office of Biren Law Group for a free consultation.

Our attorneys have developed handling techniques designed to maximize our clients' recoveries in cases involving dangerous premises. For example:

  • Liability Disputes — Biren Law Group has proven liability in cases where, on first blush, it appeared that our client rather than conditions of the premises might have caused the accident. We accomplished this by extraordinarily thorough investigation, complex accident reconstructions with the best experts and high tech tools, such as computer modeling.
  • Examples of Dangerous Premises — Sometimes it is obvious that the dangerous condition of property is responsible for an accident, such as where a cracked or slippery walking surface causes a fall. Other times, the danger is more subtle, such as toxic fumes in a closed area, gases that escape and cause an explosion, an overcrowded loading dock leading to a trucker being struck by a forklift, a malfunctioning gate closing on a business guest. Many times defective premises injure children, such as drownings resulting from inadequate guarding of swimming pools. The possibilities are infinite. Biren Law Group specializes in finding the dangerous condition that contributed to the cause of an accident where other lawyers cannot find fault.
  • Products Liability — Sometimes the best claim is not against the property owner, but rather against the manufacturer of a defective product that made the premises unsafe. For example, sometimes catastrophic accidents in amusement parks result more from the defective design of the amusement ride than the conduct of the park operator. Other examples of dangerous products rendering premises unsafe include: defective heaters and air conditioners, defective gates, defective ventilating systems, defective smoke detectors, defective pool lights, etc.
  • Maximizing Damages — It isn't enough to establish liability, the outcome of a client's case also depends on proving the full extent of damages. Biren Law Group knows how to find the best medical experts who can not only diagnose and treat the most sophisticated injuries, but just as importantly can effectively communicate their findings. To maximize damages, it takes more than proving the injury. We work with economists (to establish the monetary losses of our clients), vocational rehabilitationists (to establish the impact of the injury on the client's earnings capacity), life care planners (to establish future care needs and the costs involved) and a host of other types of damage experts, all geared to maximizing our client's recoveries. Use of experts and creativity is especially important to demonstrate the full measure of damages in wrongful death cases.
  • Team Approach / Principal Lawyer Handling — Biren Law Group is unique in that every case accepted by the firm is handled from start to finish by Matthew B.F. Biren. Every case is approached on a team basis where every member of the firm works on the case. This team approach involving hands-on involvement of the principal lawyers is much different than how most firms work, where the handling is basically done by an associate and the senior lawyers only get involved, if at all, in the later stages of the case. Our clients profit from this approach because they not only get the benefit of our senior lawyers' extensive experience and knowledge, but they also get the input from many people, which substantially increases the creative ideas generated about handling, which translates to better results.

Our lawyers at Biren Law Group Trial Lawyers have achieved extraordinary recoveries for clients injured by dangerous premises, including:

Serious accidents caused by dangerous premises often lead to catastrophic injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries or spinal cord injuries like paraplegia, quadriplegia or damaged cervical or lumbar discs. Some injuries are severe and immediately apparent, while others are more subtle and can only be diagnosed by specialists who are experienced in diagnosing traumatic injuries. Biren Law Group understands traumatic injuries and knows the best medical specialists to help diagnose and treat our client's injuries, as well as maximize their recoveries.

Contact the office of Biren Law Group to schedule a free initial consultation to review your premises liability injury case. Your consultation is free. Your recovery could begin today.