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There is no ready-made formula for a successful wrongful death claim or lawsuit. Every fatality case requires a unique approach because every case is different. The Los Angeles wrongful death attorneys at Biren Law Group have helped thousands of clients over the last several decades, securing hundreds of more than half a billion of dollars on their behalf, so you can trust that we are well-equipped to represent your best interests.

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The team at Biren Law Group has helped many families maximize their compensation after a fatal accident. Time and again, we have found liability where it was difficult to uncover—even after other firms gave up. With the help of expert economists and other specialists, we have a proven track record of presenting compelling claims.

We handle all types of wrongful death claims, including those that involve:

Wrongful Death Cases We Have Handled

Sometimes a wrongful death claim is straightforward, but in many cases, there are complications that require the creative analysis of lawyers who know how to uncover hidden fault for the death. The team at Biren Law Group is prepared to tackle difficult cases and has a proven track record of finding liability where others have failed.

Issues that Commonly Arise

  • There may be multiple liable parties: in certain wrongful death cases, there may be multiple liable parties—not all of which may be covered by insurance. In these cases, Biren Law Group will focus on proving that a majority of the liability lies with the parties who have the resources to pay your damages.
  • There may be substantial medical bills: if your family member was in the hospital before they passed away, incurring significant medical bills, our attorneys can help make sure that these bills are resolved through the wrongful death case. You and your family should not be responsible for paying these expenses.
  • Calculating loss of potential earnings: in many wrongful death cases, the victim dies before achieving maximum earning capacity. The attorneys at Biren Law Group have the experience to appreciate this fact, which is why we work with vocational experts and economists to maximize the value of your claim.

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To help ensure the most favorable outcome in a wrongful death claim, you need an accomplished plaintiff's law firm. Biren Law Group is prepared to dig deep to find liability if there is liability to be found. We pledge to take the time necessary to understand the human impact of the loss of your loved one on your family.

It is natural to feel shocked and disoriented after a fatality in the family. We understand a family's need to grieve and regroup after a fatal accident. Explaining wrongful death lawsuits without overburdening a grieving family is a large part of what we do well in an initial consultation. Contact our firm today to learn more about your options.