Attorney Referrals

Attorney Referrals

At Biren Law Group, We Pay Referral Fees

Referral fees are a way to enable lawyers to still participate financially in cases which they are not prepared to personally handle. The system benefits clients by encouraging attorneys to seek out specialists whose involvement enhances the client’s prospects for success. At Biren Law Group, we pay different levels of referral fees.

Factors which affect the amount of referral fee we are willing to pay can include:

  • The type of case.
  • The fee structure charged to the client.
  • The degree of difficulty of establishing liability.
  • The level of anticipated monetary recovery.
  • Whether the referring lawyers are willing to advance a portion of the case costs.

Biren Law Group pays referral fees out of its fee. The firm never increases its fees charged to clients in order to pay a referral fee on a case. In short, the client pays the same fee whether or not another lawyer is sharing in the firm's fee.

Our Case Screening Process

At Biren Law Group, we screen any potential personal injury, wrongful death, insurance bad faith, or financial loss cases. Once we have assessed a case, we provide a viability opinion. If we determine that the case meets our handing standards, we will commit to take the case if the client wants to retain our firm. The client benefits by obtaining an independent evaluation of the case and the potential to retain qualified representation. The referring lawyer can greatly benefit by fulfilling ethical obligations to the client and by potentially obtaining additional income.

The best way to discuss a referral is to contact one of our attorneys directly. Alternatively, referring lawyers can complete a case evaluation, which is sent electronically to Biren Law Group. The firm will review the potential case and respond within 1-2 business days. If we believe there is a viable case, we will call to discuss handling alternatives. If we believe the case is not viable, a letter will be sent to you explaining the reasons why. In some cases, we may request additional information.

If you have not had experience handling the type of case involved, you can fulfill your legal and ethical obligation to the client and avoid malpractice by obtaining an independent viability opinion from a specialist.

Many times in the past 40 years, Biren Law Group has found viable defendants on major cases where other attorneys had not seen any potential. We would be honored to extend our services to lawyers and clients in need.

Get started now by contacting us at (310) 896-4345 to discuss the case.