Verdicts: Doe-2 v. Roe-2 Insurance Company

Biren Law Group has handled numerous cases against difficult insurance companies and is not afraid to stand up for our clients. In our 40+ years of representing plaintiffs, we have successfully recovered hundreds of more than half a billion of dollars. Review one of our key bad faith insurance case results below to learn more about our past experience and proven track record of success.

Insurance Company Settles Bad Faith Case for $2.85 Million

While driving the company truck, Doe-2's employee rear-ended a smaller car. The other driver brought suit against Doe-2 and his family corporation, claiming multiple orthopedic injuries, brain damage, and traumatic epilepsy. The other driver was willing to settle with Doe-2's insurance company for the policy limits of $500,000; later, reduced to $325,000. However, despite this lowered settlement, the insurance carrier refused and forced the case to trial. A jury awarded the driver a $1.95 million judgment against Doe-2. When pre-judgment interest and expert costs were added, the total verdict reached an even higher amount of $2.5 million.

Biren Law Group brought suit on behalf of Doe-2 and his family against his insurance company. The firm proved—through extensive discovery—that the insurance carrier had failed to act in good faith both by failing to settle within policy limits and later by not paying the excess judgment. Biren Law Group also developed evidence that Doe-2, a recovering alcoholic, had resumed drinking as a direct result of the financial stress created by the judgment against him.

After extensive litigation, the insurance company capitulated and agreed to pay off the remainder of the underlying judgment and to pay Doe-2 an additional $850,000 as compensation for his emotional damages.

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