Doe v. Roe Lawyer

With more than three and a half decades of experience, Biren Law Group is well-versed in handling a comprehensive range of legal matters. When our client came to us for counsel regarding negligent legal representation and numerous lawsuits involving business matters, we got to work right away to recover financial losses for him. Read the case below to find out more.

Singer's Manager Settles Legal Malpractice Action for $1.5 Million

John Doe was a business manager for a singer. When the relationship between the manager and the singer ended, Doe contacted Roe Lawyer to bring a claim for commissions that he was still owed from their time together.

When the lawsuit was filed, the singer counter-sued against the manager, claiming that he had mishandled her affairs. Over the ensuing months, Roe Lawyer failed to properly represent Doe, resulting in his claim for commissions being dismissed by the Court. However, he was still left having to defend himself against the singer's claims.

Doe retained Biren Law Group to represent him on a legal malpractice action against the lawyer and the firm successfully recovered a settlement of $1.5 million for him. The firm also got the singer's cross complaint against the manager dismissed.

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