Bergeson v. Crown Zellerbach

$1.85 Million Settlement For Young Girl Injured in a Rear-End Accident

Mary Bergeson was a teenage girl who was a passenger in her parents' car when it was rear ended at low speed by a station wagon driven by a Crown Zellerbach employee. Neither of M's parents—in their 70s—were injured. The extent of property damage to the family car was a bent license plate.

Ms. Bergeson, however, developed severe neck problems. Eventually, the doctors diagnosed a torticollis, which is a condition where a knot develops in the side of the neck causing the neck and head to be permanently fixed to the opposite shoulder. M's doctors decided to treat the condition by fusing her cervical spine.

Biren Law Group created a dramatic presentation of the lifelong impact that these injuries would have on the plaintiff. The case settled for $1.85 million, despite the absence of a significant impact in the collision.

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