Verdicts: Doe v. Roe Gynecologist

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Baby Suffers Brain Injury Due to Gynecologist's Negligence

Baby Doe was too big for her tiny mother to deliver. As a medical professional, the gynecologist should have known this and ordered a Cesarean section birth. Instead, he tried to deliver the baby with the use of a vacuum.

The baby's shoulder became stuck, which is known as shoulder dystocia. As a result, oxygen to the baby's brain was cut off, causing damage to occur. Although the baby did remarkably well during her first year and a half, the experts brought in by Biren Law Group established that the damage is more severe than what has manifested so far and will cause problems for the baby throughout her life.

The doctor's insurance company tendered his policy limits of $1 million in settlement of the claim. Our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers were honored to be able to help this family get the compensation they deserved.

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