Settlements: Doe v. Roe Manufacturing Co.

$2+ Million to Man Who Sustained Brain Damage from Argon Gas

John Doe and two co-workers entered a subterranean furnace pit to perform some repair work. The first man who went down the stairway collapsed. The plaintiff, thinking that the man had suffered from a heart attack, rushed down the stairway to rescue him, only to collapse as soon as he went down.

Biren Law Group proved that Argon gas had leaked from the furnace into the furnace pit and because there was not proper ventilation, had displaced the oxygen. Because the gas was not odorized and there was no gas accumulation warning system, the workers had no way of knowing the danger they were entering.

Our client suffered hypoxia, ultimately resulting in blindness and cognitive deficits. The case settled with the company that designed and built the furnace pit and with the company that failed to odorize the Argon gas for more than $2 million.

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