Fairweather v. In N' Out Burger

Over the years, our firm has taken on a wide range of injury cases. Bringing more than three and a half decades of insight to the table, we know how to resolve even the most challenging legal matters. After our client suffered serious injuries in a motorcycle accident near In & Out Burger, Biren Law Group quickly began crafting a strong claim on his behalf. Read the details below to learn more!

Burger Chain Settles with Motorcycle Driver Hit by Car Exiting Restaurant

Travis Fairweather, a 19-year-old roofer, was driving his motorcycle when a driver—who was exiting an In & Out Burger—was in the process of making an illegal left turn around the raised concrete median separating the street's east and westbound traffic. The driver pulled right in front of the motorcycle, causing Mr. Fairweather to slide into the side of defendant's pick-up truck.

The plaintiff, Mr. Fairweather, sustained a skull fracture. This injury required a craniotomy. As a result, he suffered mild brain damage, resulting in impairment to his executive functioning, memory, and speech.

Biren Law Group developed evidence that the fast food chain was on notice that its customers were regularly making illegal turns around the raised median and that their failure to place warning signs against this maneuver was negligent and contributed to the accident. We were able to secure a settlement of $1.5 million.

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