Verdicts: Harwood v. Custom Foods

$2 million+ Settlement for Traumatic Brain Injury

As a truck driver, Jack Harwood was making a delivery to Custom Foods. The company's loading dock did not have sufficient room for Mr. Harwood to open his trailer's barn type swing outdoors. The company directed him to park in the median of the adjacent busy street to prepare his truck for unloading.

When Mr. Harwood opened the trailer door, it swung into the traffic lane. An oncoming vehicle struck the door, knocking Mr. Harwood to the ground and causing him to sustain a traumatic brain injury that disabled him from working.

The defendant claimed the accident was entirely Mr. Harwood's fault. Biren Law Group developed evidence, however, showing that the company was negligent and the loading dock was dangerous. In the end the company settled for $2+ million.

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