Parietal Lobe Injuries

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The parietal lobe governs sensory ability, mathematical and reading ability, and visual-spatial processing. Damage to this area of the brain can lead to an individual's complete dependence on others for day-to-day care. They can also result in years of rehabilitation and care, which can be very costly to both the injured individual and their family.

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Symptoms of a Parietal Lobe Injuries

Traumatic parietal lobe brain injuries can cause an injured individual to be dependent on others for proper care and daily living. There are many devastating symptoms and health problems that can manifest after a parietal lobe injury.

Brain damage to this area of the brain can lead to the following:

  • Loss of hand/eye coordination
  • Inability to control visual movement
  • Inability to recall or comprehend words
  • Loss of mathematical ability
  • Loss of awareness of body parts
  • Loss of sensory input

If you or a loved one has suffered a brain injury that affects the parietal lobe, you need skilled medical and legal assistance to ensure you are taken care of. At our law firm, we dedicate our team and resources to protecting your interests and recovering maximum compensation after a personal injury accident.

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