Sports Concussions

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Many aspects of American culture are centered on sports. Football and hockey fans are used to witnessing players suffering crushing blows to the head. In almost any sport, a player is at risk for suffering a serious head injury, whether from intentional collision or not. For years, even doctors did not acknowledge the harm that can result from sports-related concussions. However, the good news is that medical professionals are starting to take these injuries and their health consequences seriously.

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Understanding the Impact of Concussions

News commentators often mention that football players and other athletes "are recovering" or "have recovered" following a head injury that resulted in a concussion. However, repeated concussions—or even just one concussion—can have devastating effects despite the improvement of initial symptoms. Full recovery may never occur.

As seen in recent news stories, athletes often do not feel the full impact of concussions until years later when their cognitive and physical capabilities markedly deteriorate and become disabling. Common complaints and symptoms of athletes who have suffered concussions include inability to focus or concentrate, irritability, cognitive decline, and depression. It has recently been medically established that multiple concussions can even hasten dementia in injury victims later in life.

As more and more information about sports-related brain injuries come to light, the NFL and school sports authorities have taken notice. The NFL has adopted new standards regarding how players are allowed to tackle, for example.

Anyone who suspects that they have sustained a concussion should never ignore the symptoms or problems that follow, but rather consult with a qualified doctor who is knowledgeable about concussions. If you believe that you sustained a concussion because of someone's negligence or wrongdoing, contact Biren Law Group in Los Angeles as we can help evaluate your potential personal injury claim.

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