Burn Injury Case Result

Biren Law Group have successfully settled and litigated hundreds of cases, recovering more than half a billion dollars for our clients over our 40 years of experience. Review the case below to see an example of a burn injury claim we resolved.


Baby Whose Hands Were Burned On Wall Heater Settles For $2.85 Million

Chad Bellows, a 9-month-old baby, sustained 1.5% burns to both of his palms, with blistering, after coming in contact with a wall heater in his family's apartment.

Biren Law Group established that the wall heater was excessively hot due to a defective design. Our firm was able to developed evidence that use of a heat shield, which competitor units incorporated into their design, would have reduced the surface temperatures and the possibility of burn injuries.

One year after the burns, C.B. required a surgical contracture release with skin grafting on one of his palms. He still had residual problems with his hands. The case settled for a payout of $2,856,684 (present value of $562,500).

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