Curtis v. Metrolink

$500,000 Settlement for Woman Who Fell On Train

Lenore Curtis, an elderly lady, was riding the Metrolink train for the first time. She noticed that as the Metrolink would pull into the station, it would only stop for a very short period of time. This small window was too short for her to wait for the train to stop to begin departing before it would start moving again.

Copying the more experienced passengers, she stood to begin preparing to leave as the train pulled into her station. Unfortunately, as the train bumped to a stop, she fell, breaking her hip. Her injuries ultimately required a partial hip replacement.

Biren Law Group developed evidence that the train was unsafe because it did not provide any stanchions or handholds for people standing in preparation for departing to hold on to and stabilize themselves . Although Metrolink vehemently denied that its train was unsafe, it paid Mrs. Curtis a substantial settlement.

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