Case Results: Nation v. Roe Trucking Co.

Employer of Novice Big Rig Driver Settles with Client for $887,500

Vance Nation, a 29-year-old driver of a box van was broad sided by the defendant's jack knifed tractor-trailer. The defendant claimed that its driver had appropriately responded to a third vehicle which had changed lanes in front of the truck.

Biren Law Group established through accident reconstruction that the accident did not happen as the big rig driver claimed, but rather that the driver had made an unsafe lane change. Extensive discovery regarding the operational practices of defendant trucking company established that the driver was inappropriately trained and overworked, contributing to the cause of the accident.

Mr. Nation sustained a segmental fracture of the femur (thigh bone), requiring open reduction, as well as knee instability and laxity. The case settled for $887,500.