Ventura v. Sheraton Hotels

Sprinkler Fitter Paid $850,000 for Orthopedic Injuries

Joseph Ventura was a sprinkler fitter working on the construction of the Sheraton Hotel at the L.A. airport. Mr. Ventura was driving a scissors lift down an aisle way, standing on the platform while working on the overhead pipes.

The front wheel of the scissors lift hit a defect in the concrete floor, causing the wheel to suddenly drop and the lift to tilt, dumping Mr. Ventura 15 feet to the ground, where he suffered multiple fractures to his legs and pelvis.

Biren Law Group established that during the concrete pour, a Styrofoam square had been left in the floor to block the concrete and create an outlet for electrical conduits. The concrete was supposed to be poured around the Styrofoam, but instead, had been spread over it, creating a thin (approximately 1/8 inch) concrete veneer and an illusion of a solid floor. Not realizing there was a defect, J.V. drove the lift over the area and it crushed the Styrofoam, causing the lift to dramatically tilt.

The defendants settled for $850,000, providing J.V. with deserved compensation.