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According to the National Spinal Cord Injury Association, just over half of spinal cord injuries will result in quadriplegia. This is a sad number, as many of these injuries are caused by preventable accidents, such as car collisions, sport injuries, and workplace incidents. Furthermore, quadriplegia can be a very difficult injury to address and manage, requiring continual care and support.

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Evaluating Current and Future Costs When Seeking Compensation

Individuals with quadriplegia will likely require around-the-clock nursing care due to their lack of mobility in any of their extremities. It will also need to be decided whether a nurse will be an RN, LPN, or certified nursing assistant. Determining whether care can be given at home or in an assisted-living facility will also be necessary. Not only that, but all of these decisions can lead up to very costly expenses on a daily basis. Working with a seasoned lawyer to make sure you decide correctly and have the compensation to cover these high costs is very important.

Backed by 40 years of proven experience, Biren Law Group can help you work with the medical specialists, certified life care planners, and rehabilitation experts who will get you on the right track. By using testimony and insight from these experts, we can further strengthen your claim for compensation as well.

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