Commercial Vehicle Collisions in Los Angeles

Collisions involving commercial vehicles and cars often present particularly complex legal challenges, like layers of liability, insurance subrogation issues and accident reconstruction issues. A huge commercial vehicle company like FedEx or UPS will typically have a team of lawyers whose sole purpose is to minimize payouts.

Level the playing field by hiring your own lawyer before you interact with investigators sent from the commercial vehicle company. The Los Angeles truck accident attorneys at Biren Law Group can help ensure that you do not sign your rights away in exchange for a substandard settlement. Our firm will fight diligently to recover what’s fair.

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Determining Fault for Your Accident

Through a careful analysis of evidence, Biren Law Group very often discovers liability where none was originally apparent. A detailed investigation after a commercial vehicle accident can reveal critical evidence through the truck's black box recordings, the driver's logbooks, a dispatcher's records, video recordings and eyewitness accounts.

Information gleaned from these and other key sources of evidence can uncover the true cause of a truck accident and strengthen the injured person’s claim against all responsible parties. Although it may be obvious that the truck driver was at fault, it is possible that liability is actually shared between multiple parties, including:

  • The truck driver who acted negligently
  • The employer of the commercial driver
  • The manufacturer of a defective vehicle
  • The manufacturer of faulty auto parts

Maximize Your Financial Recovery

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