Truck Driver Fatigue

Understanding Trucking Regulations

Trucking company rules, federal laws, California laws and common sense all make it clear that a truck driver owes a duty to other motorists on the road to be alert at the wheel. Big rig trucks far outweigh other vehicles and have a great capacity to inflict harm in the event of a collision. A trucker needs all his wits about him as he hauls a load equivalent to a small warehouse among everyday traffic on highways.

A fatigued driver is a clear sign of negligence and liability on the part of the driver and, often times, the company that he works for. In many cases, the driver's log will tell the story, if you get the right books. Drivers who cheat usually keep two logs: an "official" one with phony time entries and a "real" one (used for payroll purposes) that shows that the driver was working an illegal number of hours, proving driver fatigue.

Investigating the Cause of Your Accident

The Los Angeles truck accident attorneys at Biren Law Group often find liability where none was readily apparent. We succeed where others might not because we take the time to fully explore every avenue of recovery and means for maximizing damages. We have helped injured clients recover hundreds of more than half a billion in damages over the years.

Often times, it is not enough to subpoena the driver's logs to get to the truth. The logs that are produced need to be scrutinized and compared with other evidence—such as credit card receipts, cellphone records, etc.—that establish where the driver really was. Only experienced lawyers know how to explore and develop every aspect of liability.

Let Biren Law Group Fight for You

Was the truck driver driving while impaired by sleepiness, drugs or alcohol at the time of the accident? The question of truck driver fatigue and liability is one of the most important questions to be answered after a truck accident. Biren Law Group is prepared to find everyone who was negligent, even where no liability was readily apparent.

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