Doe Families v. Roe Railroad

Families of Two Killed Track Maintenance Workers Settle with Railroad

A team of track maintenance workers had just completed work on track in Orange County. As they headed back to their truck, two of the workers were walking on the track. The crew's watchman was walking with the men and did not see the train come around the corner. The train could not stop and the men were killed.

The railroad claimed that the accident was entirely the men's fault for violating safety rules. Biren Law Group was able to establish, through intensive questioning of the railroad's management, that the primary cause of the accident was the employer's failure to enforce its own safety rules.

On the eve of trial, the railroad settled for a substantial confidential amount, rather than risk an even higher potential verdict. Our firm was honored to be able to help these families obtain justice and compensation on behalf of their lost loved ones.

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