Verdicts: Marthe v. Trotter

$4+ Million Wrongful Death Verdict

William Marthe, a 61-year-old machinist, was killed when driving home at 6:00 in the morning following a graveyard shift on his first day back to work after a six-month layoff. Mr. Marthe's pickup was sideswiped by a big rig truck. His pickup then spun into the path of an oncoming second big rig truck. The two truck drivers claimed that Mr. Marthe had crossed over the center line, causing the accident.

Biren Law Group used an extraordinarily sophisticated accident reconstruction to establish that the lead big rig had angled across the center line, causing Mr. Marthe to turn his pickup to the right in an effort to avoid the oncoming truck.

Before trial, the defendant only offered $150,000 of its $750,000 policy. The jury returned a verdict exceeding $4.3 million. One week later, the defendant's insurance company, settled the case for more than 500% of the defendant's policy limits.

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