Westerberg v. Roy George Rentals

Family of Man Killed By Fan Sliding Off His Pick-Up Truck Settles For $1.4 Million

Leticia Westerberg's spouse, a 32 year old film industry transportation coordinator, was killed when he was struck by a large wind fan which fell off of the back of his own pick-up truck, striking him in the head. The fan had been rented by decedent's employer, a film company, from the defendant rental company.

Eye witness accounts developed through discovery established that once the man’s co-worker started pushing the fan toward the rear of the pick-up during the unloading process, he was unable to stop it. Biren Law Group established that the wheel brakes on the fan, which were designed and built by the rental company, were not functioning properly at the time and that their design was defective

The case settled, despite the comparative negligence of the decedent who was supervising the unloading process, for $1,407,896 ($900,000 present value).