Williams v. Doe Water Park

Water Park Settles Drowning Case with Family for $1.5 million

Larry Williams took his children and several friends to the water park for a fun day of swimming. At the time, the water park boasted the world's only sandy bottom wave pool (since removed). When the wave machine began, the water became muddy and you could not see to the bottom of the pool. When the waves stopped minutes later, L.W. realized that his eight-year-old daughter was missing.

When he asked the lifeguards to help, they initially hesitated, saying that his daughter was on the other side of the pool. Eventually the lifeguards began a search and found the girl, but she had already drowned.

Biren Law Group used extensive discovery to not only establish liability, but facts which made the case rock solid and led to a settlement which, at the time, was the largest on record in California for the death of a young child.