California paralysis research bill sees governor's veto

California paralysis research bill sees governor's veto

All across America, people are suffering from a number of serious disabilities related to spinal injuries. Often, these injuries were not their fault - a distracted driver or a poorly maintained stairwell can easily lead to a life-changing injury - but they are still left to deal with the heavy physical, emotional and financial toll. Often, victims of a spinal cord injury are unable to work any longer, leading to the permanent loss of one's career and wages.

"Permanent" is, unfortunately, a word heard all too often when dealing with spinal cord injuries. Thus far, science has been unable to provide a cure for the paralysis that often comes with a spinal cord break. Victims, then, are forced to live a lifetime with severe disabilities.

Medical researchers hope to solve this problem and provide cures for spinal cord injuries. We are lucky, in fact, to have one of the nation's premier research universities here in California: the University of California system, which supports the Roman Reed Spinal Cord Injury Research program. This program seeks to learn more about spinal cord injuries and to find a cure.

The program recently hit a snag, however. Despite almost universal support in the California legislature, a bill providing funding for spinal cord research program was recently vetoed by the governor of California. He stated that he felt the program should be funded using the University's own resources.

Supporters of the bill floated the idea of overriding the governor's veto, which can legally be done with a two-thirds majority. This has not happened for thirty years, however, and congressmen are unlikely to take this action.

The program, then, will have to be paid for using the University's already tight funding. It's unclear whether that money is currently in the budget, but hopefully school administrators will be able to make it work.

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