Los Angeles manufacturer sued for dangerous baseball bats

Los Angeles manufacturer sued for dangerous baseball bats

Baseball is America's pastime, and it invokes memories of warm summer days, the sound of the ball in a leather glove and of course, the crack of the baseball bat. For many, these are pleasant memories, but for one Ohio teenager, it's a nightmare.

This is because the boy was struck on the head by a baseball while he was playing for a traveling baseball team. The line drive knocked the boy unconscious and caused him to fall into a coma. Doctors were forced to operate on the boy, removing a portion of his skull as his brain swelled dangerously. When he awoke from his coma four days later, the boy was unable to speak or to move the right side of his body.

The cause of the injuries, according to the boy's father, was the BT265, an aluminum baseball bat designed by Easton Sports. Easton is a Los Angeles-based sports equipment manufacturer based here in Los Angeles.

The boy's father says the BT265 was designed to hit harder than any other baseball bat, a design choice that the father says was irresponsible. According to the boy's attorneys, the bat had a "serious propensity to cause injuries" due to the high velocity of the balls struck by it. The boy's family thus contends that the bat was an unnecessarily dangerous product, and its designers did not properly warn its users about the enormous power it could deliver to a baseball.

It's an issue of liability that will be decided in court. The family of the injured teenager is seeking repayment for the medical bills related to the boy's injuries, which reached as high as $1 million in the first year after the accident.

Source: The Los Angeles Daily News, "Lawsuit: Easton Sports baseball bat too dangerous" Kelly Goff, Sep. 25, 2013


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