Toyota acceleration cases reaches jury

Toyota acceleration cases reaches jury

Many readers will remember the Toyota acceleration scandals that began several years ago in which the Toyota Motor Corp. was accused of producing vehicles that suffered from bouts of sudden, uncontrollable acceleration.

The acceleration problems allegedly led to the injury or death of many motorists across America, though this claim has been challenged by Toyota, who state that the car accidents were caused by user error or by a problem with the car's floor mats.

Victims state, however, that the car's acceleration problems are the result of a fundamental design flaw. Users say that neither the brake nor the emergency brake are able to stop the vehicle during an unexpected acceleration.

This month, a court case challenging the Toyota Motor Corp. is set to reach a jury. The case involves a California woman who was killed in a single-car accident in her Toyota Camry. The vehicle allegedly accelerated out of control, propelling the car into a telephone pole.

Attorneys for Toyota say the crash was caused by user error, that the woman pushed the accelerator instead of the brake. An attorney representing the woman's family disagreed, however, pointing out that the emergency brake had been pulled in the Camry at the time of the accident.

The results of this case could be a determining factor in approximately 80 other similar cases that have been filed nationwide. If the jury in this case determines that Toyota is indeed responsible for the accident, the company would likely be forced to pay compensation to the woman's family for the pain and suffering their product had caused. This, in turn, would clear the way for similar claims by others across America.

Source:, "Closing arguments in case against Toyota" No author given, Oct. 01, 2013


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