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California company recalls beef contaminated with plastic
California company recalls beef contaminated with plastic

The United States Department of Agriculture sets very strict standards by which America's food products must adhere. Food must be accompanied by labels declaring its contents, health information and place of origin. Processed products must match label claims, and frozen ...

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Blog posts in September, 2013

  • Rear-end crash in Diamond Bar kills one

    When determining fault in a fatal accident, the manner in which the collision occurred is very important to investigators. Head-on collisions, for ...

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  • Tractor-trailer driver believed to be at fault in fatal accident

    Motorcyclists face a number of additional dangers on America's roadways. For one thing, it is more difficult to see motorcyclists than cars; their ...

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  • Spinal injuries a dangerous risk for young athletes

    It seems as though every week in the NFL, the NHL or the NBA, a number of players end the game with an injury. It's almost to be expected; these are ...

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  • Dehumidifiers recalled; blamed for over $2M in property damage

    Dehumidifiers are a common appliance on hot summer days, and we generally trust them to work as advertised. But according to a recent story from KABC ...

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  • Man runs red light, causes fire, toxic spill, downed power lines

    Everybody knows that a red light means stop - it's kindergarten knowledge. Sometimes, however, drivers get tired, have one too many to drink or simply ...

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  • Premises Liability and violent customers

    Premises liability is an area of the law that concerns itself with the responsibility that a premises owner has towards its patrons. In general, a ...

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  • The dangers of serving alcohol at company parties

    Company parties are a time to wind down and mingle with bosses and coworkers in a less formal setting. In general, they're a great way to boost ...

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  • Hit-and-run accident critically injures California motorcyclist

    Hit-and-run car accidents are among the most devastating of all traffic accidents, as the victim is often left without medical assistance. To make ...

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  • Man kills girlfriend's daughter in motorcycle crash

    The man called the little girl "Angel." He was best friends with both the mother and his fellow Marine buddy who was the doting daddy. Taking the ...

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