Are motorcycle fatalities linked to gas prices?

Are motorcycle fatalities linked to gas prices?

Fatal motor vehicle accidents have declined in the last few years in the United States due to safety campaigns and safer vehicles being on the road. While the road may be safer for motorists, it is a whole different story for motorcyclists.

Unfortunately, fatal motorcycle accidents haven't followed the same trend as motor vehicle accidents in recent years. In fact, fatal motorcycle accidents have seemed to increase. The differences between motorcycle accident statistics and motor vehicle crash data has led researchers to ask if gas prices play a role in motorcycle crashes. The answer may surprise you.

Researchers have found a link between fatal motorcycle accidents and gas prices. They reported that motorcycle deaths increase when gas prices are higher in the country. On the opposite end, motorcycle fatalities tend to decrease when gas prices are lower. The researchers attributed the link to people trying to use more fuel-efficient forms of transportation when gas prices are higher, meaning that more people are riding motorcycles to save money on gas when gas prices go up.

This finding is interesting because the opposite is true for motorists and many researchers and safety groups were probably not aware of the link between gas prices and motorcycle fatalities.

People in California should be aware of this link and not just motorcyclists. Motorists, safety groups and the California Highway Patrol should know about the dangers motorcyclists face on the road and the finding that motorcycle fatalities increase when gas prices are higher. This information could help everyone on the road become more aware of the risks motorcyclists face and make sure everyone is taking steps to reduce collisions.

Despite the finding, motorcycle accidents will continue to happen in California. Motorcycle riders and their families should know about the legal action they can take after a fatal motorcycle accident that was caused by a negligent driver. Drivers can be sued after an accident if they were driving recklessly or were distracted at the time of the crash.


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