FDA sends warning letter to makers of sports supplement

FDA sends warning letter to makers of sports supplement

Most people in California are familiar with sports supplements, and many people probably take supplements every day as part of their health or workout regimen. When you take a sports supplement, you don't expect to suffer any adverse health effects. Rather, you anticipate that taking the supplement will help improve your health. 

Unfortunately, not all sports supplements are safe and some may even be defective. The Food and Drug Administration recently issued a warning to the company who manufactures Craze, a popular sports supplement. The FDA issued the warning because the supplement contains a compound that is very similar to methamphetamine and the company did not tell consumers this compound was in their product.

The manufacturer has already stopped making and selling Craze after an investigation found the meth-like compound as one of the ingredients in the supplement. Even though the company stopped manufacturing and selling the potentially dangerous product, the FDA is still warning them about making any future products similar to this one. 

In their warning letter, they have asked the company to provide in writing what they have done to fix their violations as listed by the FDA. The company has 15 days to respond to the warning letter.

The finding that the sports supplement contained an ingredient similar to methamphetamine is very troubling. People who used the supplement on a daily basis, or even just once, could have a serious reaction to the compound since meth is known to cause health complications and even death in some cases. 

Individuals in California who have taken Craze or a similar sports supplement that contains dangerous ingredients may be at risk for suffering serious health complications. If you have suffered any complications from a sports supplement, you should contact an attorney to discuss what legal action can be pursued against the manufacturer as they can be held liable for any injuries or health issues caused by consuming their products. 

Source: FOX News, "FDA issues warning to manufacturer of supplement containing meth-like substance," April 16, 2014


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