New study could help spinal cord injury victims

New study could help spinal cord injury victims

Victims of spinal cord injuries often face many challenges when adjusting to their new way of life. Spinal cord injuries can be devastating but a new study may offer some hope to victims and their families that could potentially change the rest of their lives. 

The study found promising results in a new spinal cord treatment that allowed patients with certain spinal cord injuries to regain movement in their lower limbs after being paralyzed. The treatment used in the study was an electrical spinal cord stimulation that was used on patients when they were completing tasks that included the use of their paralyzed limbs. 

The study found that patients who received the electrical spinal cord stimulation were able to flex their toes, ankles and knees that they previously weren't able to move after suffering their spinal cord injury. The researchers said that this type of treatment may also be successful on victims with severed spinal cords because patients may be able to make voluntary movements with this treatment without signals from the brain. 

The finding that this treatment resulted in patients regaining some movement in their paralyzed limbs is exciting and shows that electrical spinal cord stimulation may be a promising treatment for people with spinal cord injuries that cause paralysis

It is important for victims of spinal cord injuries and their families to be aware of studies like this one because it could lead to more effective treatments and even help victims regain movement and control of their paralyzed limbs. 

Spinal cord injuries can be very traumatic and many injuries are caused by motor vehicle accidents. Victims of car accidents who suffer spinal cord injuries should know about potential treatments and studies because they may one day help them recover from their injuries as well as help them determine the costs associated with living with their injuries. Spinal cord injury victims in Southern California can use the cost of treatment and care to determine what type of settlement to accept or if legal action needs to be taken against the party responsible for their injuries. 

Source: Daily Digest News, "Breakthrough in spinal cord injury studies leads to promising results," Kate Halse, April 9, 2014


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