California man struck by waste management truck

California man struck by waste management truck

When it comes to driver safety, people often tend to hold commercial drivers up to a higher standard than private motorists—and with good reason. Commercial vehicles, such as busses, semi-trailers and utility vehicles, are heavy and often slow to stop. They also have large blind spots and are, in some cases, prone to frequent stops or reverses. Given these factors, the drivers of large commercial vehicles must pass a series of tests to ensure that they are able to safely operate their vehicle.

And yet, accidents happen. When they do, the consequences are often extremely serious: Permanent injuries are common, and death is often a possibility. All too often, in the aftermath of the accident, it becomes apparent that the driver of the commercial vehicle was in some way responsible for the collision.

San Francisco residents are mourning the loss of an elderly man this week, after he was apparently struck by a waste management truck. The truck, which was operated by San Francisco company Recology, was apparently delivering a trash bin to a local business at the time of the accident.

The truck was slowly backing up when the vehicle struck the elderly man. The collision resulted in the man's death.

The incident was apparently caught on a security camera by a local business. The victim has not yet been identified.

When a fatal truck accident occurs, the victim's family reserves the right to file a personal injury lawsuit in a bid to receive compensation for their losses. This compensation is not limited to just monetary loss; it also encompasses the emotional trauma associated with the accident, as well as the difficulties brought on by the sudden shift in one's life.

It's far too early to determine fault or guilt in the San Francisco case. However, this is not Recology's first experience with a pedestrian accident. Police say two other cases have been reported in the past.

Source:, "Recology truck fatally strikes man in SF's Tenderloin" No author given, Dec. 20, 2013


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