Student drowns during school field trip in California

Student drowns during school field trip in California

When your child leaves to go on a school field trip, you expect the school to look after your kid and make sure he or she stays safe. A recent accident during a high school field trip to a local park ended in tragedy and left the student's parents questioning the school's role in the tragic death of their son. 

A high school sophomore with autism died on a school field trip in California after he drowned in the park's pool. The student was with his classmates celebrating the end of the school year at the park along with a teaching assistant that was assigned to look after him. Due to the student's autism, he was unable to verbally communicate with others besides his parents and he also didn't know how to swim. That is why the school assigned a teaching assistant to look after him at all times. 

During the field trip, the student somehow ended up in the pool and he was pronounced dead at the hospital after he was pulled out of the pool. The student's mother said she signed a permission slip for the trip to the park but was unaware of any pool activities. 

Did the fatality happen due to someone's negligence? That is why the victim's parents are asking and they are planning to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the school next week, according to a local news report. 

Since the student had a medical condition that required constant supervision, the parents have asked where the teaching assistant was at the time of the accident since he was supposed to be taking care of their son. 

This case is a saddening example of how a field trip can turn into a nightmare very fast. If and when the family files the wrongful death lawsuit, they could name the teaching assistant and school district as defendants, which means they both could be held liable for the student's death. 

Source: 630 WPRO, "Austistic Teen Drowns on School Trip, Family Wants Answers," June 8, 2014


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