California drivers get into car crash, attacked by bees

California drivers get into car crash, attacked by bees

Car accidents pose obvious threats to motorists. After all, it only takes a moment's distraction or a single negligent decision to cause an accident, and the injuries inflicted can be life-altering. Broken bones, internal injuries, back and neck injuries and head injuries are all possibilities in the wake of a car crash.

These injuries can require long-term medical treatment, which leads to a significant medical bill. Often, victims choose to pursue a personal injury case after a car accident, simply to cover the costs of medical care. This type of lawsuit seeks to compensate victims for their losses, including those associated with medical bills, scarring and disfigurement and permanent disability.

Broken bones and neck injuries are the obvious threats in a car accident. There are less common health hazards as well. For example, in California this month, two motorists encountered a very unusual danger as a result of a car accident, one that severe injuries to both drivers and also harmed a police deputy.

The accident occurred in La Canada Flintridge, California. The two drivers, both women aged 17 and 51, were involved in a minor car accident. At least one of the vehicles left the roadway and struck a tree. It is not clear whether either driver was injured in the initial collision; however, both drivers were apparently well enough to exchange their insurance information.

As they were making the exchange, both women were suddenly attacked by a large swarm of bees. The accident had dislodged their hive from the tree, causing them to attack the two women. Estimates put their numbers in the thousands.

The 17-year-old suffered over 100 stings. She was eventually rescued by a police deputy, who used a fire extinguisher to drive the insects off of her. The 51-year-old suffered approximately 500 stings; she eventually fled to a nearby swimming pool. The deputy later used a hose from a nearby home to drive off the rest of the bees, though a local reporter noted that the bees were still prevalent in the area hours later.

The deputy was also stung in the incident, though sources say he did not require hospitalization.


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