Concussion symptoms may start weeks after injury

Concussion symptoms may start weeks after injury

Many children suffer concussions every year in Southern California. Some of the most common causes of concussions in children are caused by sports injuries and car accidents. After this type of head injury, many parents may feel relieved that their child didn't suffer a more severe injury. Unfortunately, concussions can cause long-term health complications in children even though many parents may think concussions are only a minor injury. 

Doctors and parents should be aware of a new study that found just how damaging concussions can be for kids. The study by doctors at the Boston Children's Hospital found that children with concussions may suffer from emotional and mental symptoms after physical symptoms end. Common physical symptoms of a concussion include headache, blurry vision and fatigue. These symptoms often diminish after the injury. However, children may become irritable and frustrated long after they suffer a concussion. 

Parents and doctors need to be aware of all the symptoms kids may have after a concussion. Even if a child's headache or fatigue is getting better, he or she may have emotional or mental symptoms that are just starting. It is important to understand how these symptoms may impact a child to know what treatment options should be recommended. 

Mental and emotional symptoms can make children irritable and frustrated. They may also have a difficult time concentrating, which can make going to school very difficult. Parents and doctors should work together to create a plan that will help the child get enough physical and mental rest but keeps the child from falling behind in school. This can be a delicate balance but it is important not to overwork a child with a concussion because it could only make their symptoms worse or last longer. 

Concussions can have a lasting impact on a child's health so parents and doctors need to know the signs and symptoms of this type of head injury and work to reduce the long-term damage a concussion can cause. 

Source: CBS News, "Kids' concussion symptoms can emerge later, linger for weeks," Steven Reinberg, May 12, 2014


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