Bicycling in a Busy City

Bicycling in a Busy City

When it comes to living in a busy city such as Los Angeles, many people choose to use bicycles as a source of transportation since it may save time from being stuck in heavy traffic. However, because bicycles are such small vehicles in comparison to the vehicles they may share the road with, such as buses, taxis, trucks, and other cars, cyclists must be more aware of their surroundings in order to ensure they are as safe as possible. In today’s society, people are always in a hurry, causing many to drive erratically and not take others that share the road into consideration. For this reason, our firm has compiled a list of BLANK different things cyclist can do to make sure they are as safe as possible when sharing the road with much larger and heavier vehicles.

1.Ride single file

If you are riding in a group or happen to be cycling near another cyclist, make sure that you ride single file. Riding side by side creates a wider area of bikers, increasing the dangers of cycling even if the riders are in a designated bike lane.

2.Wear brighter clothing or cycling gear

It is important to make yourself as obvious as possible when sharing the road with larger vehicles. At times, especially at nights, drivers may not be looking for cyclists. By wearing bright clothing or cycling gear, you make a larger presence on the road, which in turns, keeps you safer.

3.Always use hand signals

Never assume that a motorist understand what you are trying to do. By forgetting to create a hand signal, you increase the chances of being hit by a motorist significantly. Hand signals are especially useful in situations where cyclists are changing lanes or making turns. This remind motorists that you have just as many rights to the road as they do.

4.Look for the signals of motorists, especially when splitting lanes

Although splitting lanes is legal in most areas, it is especially a dangerous act for cyclists. To lessen the chances of being hit by a motorist, be sure to pay attention to the turn signals and brake lights of the motorists around you.

5.Do your best to stay out of blind spots

Being that you are a smaller vehicle on the road, it is important to avoid sitting or riding in the blind spots of other vehicles, especially larger, heavier vehicles such as buses. Many times, larger vehicle drivers are not looking for such small vehicles such as bicycles to begin with. By avoiding blind spots and staying in more obvious areas, you can lessen the chances of being hit.

If You Are Involved in a Bike Accident

If you have taken the proper safety precautions when sharing the road with motorists and have been involved in a bike accident, you may be eligible to financial compensation to cover any medical expenses, doctor visits, emotional distresses, lost wages, and more. You do not deserve to suffer because of another individual’s negligence. Contact a Los Angeles bike accident lawyer immediately.

The bike accident attorneys at Biren Law Group understand the catastrophic consequences of cyclist hit by motorists and seek maximum compensation for every client. Make the call today. You won’t pay a single penny unless we win your case.


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