Road-Rage Is Not Worth a Life

Road-Rage Is Not Worth a Life

When people are in a hurry to get somewhere, they tend to drive a little faster than normal. In addition, many drivers will try to cut traffic and time by swerving in and out of lanes. Unfortunately, this type of driving, driving that can be considered reckless, poses serious risks for accidents and injuries to others sharing the road.

Two Drivers Injured in an Alleged Road-Rage Car Accident

On October 14 in Fontana, a truck and a Ford Mustang collided, causing the truck to launch off the freeway and into a car dealership. One witness, a man who was driving near the two drivers during the accident, reported that he believes road-rage may have played a role in the crash. The man stated that prior to the collision, he heard a lot of honking.

In the video, it seems as though the Mustang sped up and passed the truck, cut back into the truck’s lane, and slowed as if to “brake-check” the other driver. In what seemed like an attempt to avoid the collision, the truck swerved into left lane where it seemed as though the driver overcorrected. It was then that driver of the truck hit the rear end of the Mustang and launched off the freeway.

Although neither of the drivers suffered fatal injuries, both sustained moderate to critical injuries.

Have You Been Harmed by a Reckless Driver? Our Los Angeles Car Accident Attorneys Can Help

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