Attorney Matthew Biren Protects a Young Man's Future and Rights

Attorney Matthew Biren Protects a Young Man's Future and Rights

One man in his mid-20s was in need of an aggressive and competent lawyer after he was involved in a motorcycle accident. Attorney Matthew Biren took the challenge when no other lawyer would accept the case, changing the man’s life for the better.

The young man was riding his motorcycle in the middle lane behind a large oil tanker truck on Ocean Avenue when the tanker began moving into the left lane. Noticing that the tanker was changing lanes, the young man began moving into the right lane closest to the curb. The truck moved back into his lane, causing the young man to collide with the body of the tanker. He suffered a severe concussion, permanent injuries to his legs, and serious damage to his face.

Unfortunately, the police report sided with the tanker and left the young man at fault for the accident. Sources state that the investigating police officer judged the young man on his numerous tattoos, his failure to wear a helmet, and his custom front brake handle, and figured the young man was in the wrong.

Before contacting the Biren Law Group, the young man contacted another personal injury firm. After the team at the firm reviewed the police report, they refused to take the young man’s case, stating there was nothing they could argue to help him recover compensation for his injuries.

When Attorney Biren reviewed the police investigation report, he suspected inaccuracies in the officer’s conclusion. He began investigating the report in close detail and found witnesses to testify on behalf of the young man. The witnesses, German tourists, stated the tanker was, indeed, moving left before making a wide turn and crashing into the young man.

The case concluded in Vista County when the jury returned a $3.5 million verdict in favor of the young man. The financial compensation was enough to help the young man cover medical expenses, physical therapy expenses, and much more.

Currently, the young man lives a healthy and happy life with his wife and two children.

Biren Law Group Can Help You, Too

If you have been involved in an auto accident of any kind, it is important you seek relentless legal advocacy right away. While some may believe that you are at fault, a knowledgeable car accident attorney may be able to examine the intricacies of your case and determine whether you are eligible for financial compensation.

If you have been injured in a car accident, motorcycle accident, or truck accident, contact the Los Angeles car accident lawyers at the Biren Law Group as soon as possible. They will provide you with 100% risk-free consultation.


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