Distracted Driving - A Rising Problem

Distracted Driving - A Rising Problem

distracted drivingDuring the past four decades, highway fatalities steadily decreased, with innovative solutions that kept drivers’ hands on the wheel rather than on their smartphones. However, this changed in 2015, which revealed the largest annual percentage increase in about fifty years, with this year promising to be significantly worse. Previously, drivers were mainly distracted by phone calls and text messages, but new apps like Snapchat, Waze, and Pokémon provide a whole new slew of ways to become distracted on the road.

To help address the problem, the Department of Transportation outlined a plan this past October to work with the National Safety Council as well as other advocacy groups in an effort to eliminate roadway fatalities in 30 years, aptly naming it the “Road to Zero” strategy.

Newer vehicles are also actively making efforts to make the roads safe by equipping vehicles with capabilities that either have autonomous driving features or allow drivers to connect to their smartphones in a hands free capacity. It is not clear if any of these new technologies will actually help eliminate distracted driving, however, or if it is just another way to encourage the use of smartphones while driving. While holding and looking at a phone less may help, it does not necessarily mean the driver is focused on the road ahead even when hands are kept on the wheel.

Distracted driving puts everyone on the road at risk and can cause serious auto accidents. The Biren Law Group has experts in many fields of medicine, as well as vocational experts, who can determine the effect your injuries may have on your future and quality of life. We excel at handling these types of complex cases and will seek the maximum amount of compensation for the damage done to you. Call us for a no risk consultation at 310-896-4345.


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