Do Older Commercial Truck Drivers Pose a Danger?

Do Older Commercial Truck Drivers Pose a Danger?

truckIn today’s economy more and more individuals are working past the retirement age of 65, including truck drivers. In fact, there were more than 6,636 accidents involving elderly drivers in only 12 states, according to a CBS News analysis of crash data. With the industry’s shortage in truck drivers, trucking schools are actually making an effort to recruit seniors with the allure of good benefits and money that may help supplement retirement.

During the 1990s, there was an awareness that reaction time and stamina were not as sharp in older drivers, and there was consideration to implement skill tests for older commercial drivers. However, those ideas never came to fruition given the shortage of labor and even the possibility of political backlash due to age discrimination laws.

The industry continues to seek out and train older drivers and, since it is in accordance with Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) guidelines, there is nothing prohibiting them from recruiting older drivers. With an estimated 48,000 drivers needed to move 70% of the nation’s goods, the situation presents a predicament on many levels. This shortage of labor is a problem that even the aviation industry faces in regards to pilots. However, they enforce a mandatory retirement age of 65. No such regulation exists in the trucking industry.

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