What Are Contingency Fees & How Do They Benefit You?

What Are Contingency Fees & How Do They Benefit You?

contingency feesA contingency fee is an agreement dictating that a law firm shall only receive payment should they win your case. If they lose your case, you are not obligated to pay them for their services. Contingency fees are beneficial for those who cannot afford to pay a lawyer’s hourly rate, allowing them to seek the best possible representation regardless of their financial status. Given that some lawyers can charge upwards of $1,000 per hour, even the most well off person can benefit from not having to pay these fees upfront, especially when there is no guarantee the case will end in their favor.

Contingency fees also level the playing field, particularly if you are up against an opponent endowed with endless resources who can afford to draw out a costly legal battle and bury you in paperwork. No matter what your financial circumstances are, it is not likely you can outmatch a big insurance company. Therefore, even if you are fighting the largest and wealthiest corporation, you will not be disadvantaged simply because you are unable to pay for adequate representation. Additionally, because the law firm is shouldering all the risk, it ensures they will work efficiently and effectively, rather than frivolously spending time and resources at a client’s expense. After all, their payment depends on their success in handling your case, so it is also in their interest that they do their best.

The Biren Law Group operates on a contingency fee basis. When we accept a case, it means we are prepared to fight for you with everything we have, because we believe we can win your case. If not, you will not be charged a fee. We handle a wide range of personal injury cases, including automobile, truck and motorcycle accidents, product liability, premises liability and more. Call us now for a no risk consultation at 310-896-4345.


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