Cycling in Los Angeles: Safety, Regulations, and Tips

Cycling in Los Angeles: Safety, Regulations, and Tips

LAThe densely populated urban make-up of Los Angeles can often make riding a bike a bit more tricky than most other areas, but cyclists and drivers of motor vehicles can work together to make the roads a safer place by understanding and observing the rules of the road, being alert, and being courteous in a potentially dangerous environment.

For bicyclists, this means remembering that just as you have the same rights to the road as vehicles do, it also means that you must obey the law. Stop at red lights and stop signs. It is not only against the law to ignore them, but incredibly dangerous. Communicating on the road is also crucial for bicyclists. Unlike automobiles, bicycles do not have blinkers to signal turns. Therefore, the use of hand signals is important to communicate with others around you, including pedestrians. Additionally, wearing the appropriate protective gear and inspecting your bike prior to riding it may also spare a tragic accident.

Drivers should recognize that bicyclists have rights to the roadway as well and, given that bikes are more vulnerable, should take caution. It is not only important, but required by law, to leave at least 3 feet of passing distance to bicyclists. People on bikes may have to suddenly swerve to avoid opening car doors or other hazards and unexpected obstacles on the road. Remember, serious injury or death can occur in a bicycle versus car accident, so be patient and do not drive while distracted.

The Los Angeles injury lawyers at Biren Law Group specialize in personal injury cases, including bicycle accidents, which accounted for 618 deaths in 2010, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. If you or a loved one was severely injured or killed in a bicycle accident, we have the knowledge and experience to pursue maximum compensation and justice for your injuries and loss.

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