National Safety Council Data Report Reveals a Continued Increase in Crash Fatalities

National Safety Council Data Report Reveals a Continued Increase in Crash Fatalities

auto accidentIn 2016, a data report was released by the National Safety Council (NSC), which revealed that 38,300 people died in automobile crashes the previous year, marking the largest spike in crash fatalities in fifty years. At the time of the report’s release, it seemed that 2016 would only continue this upward trend in traffic deaths. Unfortunately, this fear is now a confirmed reality with the NSC’s recent estimate that 40,200 people lost their lives in automobile accidents in 2016, which is a 6% increase from the previous year.

In spite of the effort put into discouraging drivers from partaking in dangerous behavior while driving – from drinking and driving to texting or failing to use a seatbelt – the deaths keep increasing at alarming rates. If the estimated number of deaths is correct, it is not only statistically significant, but also the first time since 2007 that more than 40,000 people died in automobile accidents throughout a single year. This steady two-year increase totals to 14%, which is the largest in over half a century.

What is the reason behind this sharp and sudden increase? Some experts say that the improving economy may play a partial role now that Americans are better off and capable of driving for pleasure as well as work. However, distracted driving appears to be the most culpable factor in this spike. With an endless amount of apps available on smartphones, there are too many temptations luring the attention of drivers away from the road and little willpower to save it for later.

Lax enforcement of driving violations, such as speeding, not wearing a seatbelt, or drunk driving, may also be to blame, according to government officials. However, there is also a reluctance to impose even more restrictive measures on drivers. Surely smartphones have a place among the reasons why so many fatal crashes are occurring, but many of the primary culprits continue to be a lack of seatbelt use, drinking, and speeding.

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