Holidays and Fireworks Injuries: Understanding Victims' Rights

Holidays and Fireworks Injuries: Understanding Victims' Rights

FireworksWith summer months upon us, more celebrations, and Fourth of July around the corner, fireworks become a pastime enjoyed by many Americans. Although they can be fun, fireworks pose significant risks of injury, especially when they are used inappropriately or when poor supervision fails to prevent an accident that should never have happened.

According to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), fireworks cause thousands of injuries across the country each year. In the months around Fourth of July, an average of 230 people visit the emergency room for fireworks-related injuries every day. These injuries commonly involve burns and injuries to the hands and fingers, eyes, head and face, and legs. In some cases, fireworks can cause catastrophic injuries that result in amputation, impairment, severe burns, and long recoveries.

Our legal team at Biren Law Group focuses on protecting the rights of victims who suffer injuries due to the negligence of others. When it comes to fireworks accidents, these cases can present a number of difficulties during the personal injury claim process, such as:

  • Product liability claims – When injuries are caused by defective and inherently unsafe consumer products, manufacturers may be held liable. Unfortunately, product liability claims over fireworks can be difficult, as victims must prove that the product was defectively designed or manufactured in such a way that it caused the injury. Because it is also difficult to determine manufacturers of many fireworks, product liability claims are limited.
  • Family member supervision – Because fireworks are commonly enjoyed as part of family get togethers, homeowner policy exclusions that bar family members from liability can limit opportunities for victims seeking a recovery of their damages.

Depending on the facts and circumstances surrounding a fireworks accident, victims may have the opportunity to pursue compensation. Victims may have valid claims when the accident occurs at a home that belongs to someone other than an immediate family member. For example, when minors are seriously injured when an adult is supervising or aware of the activity and allows it to proceed or fails to monitor a child, victims may have the ability to pursue claims for compensation. Adults who suffer injuries due to a homeowner’s negligence, or the negligence of a business that is using fireworks, may also be entitled to compensation.

Due to the difficult nature of fireworks claims, it is important to remember that not all victims have grounds to pursue a case or a recovery. However, our legal team is available to personally review cases involving fireworks accidents that occur on another’s property, who is not an immediate family member, and discuss whether victims have grounds to file a personal injury claim. Backed by decades of combined experience and insight gained from representing seriously injured victims and children, Biren Law Group can effectively protect the rights of clients who are able to pursue these claims.

If you plan to enjoy fireworks this summer, consider attending a professional fireworks display. If you choose to use fireworks on your own, check your local laws for the types of fireworks permitted in your area, and ensure that fireworks are being use appropriately and that children are always supervised.

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