7 Mistakes To Avoid After an Accident

7 Mistakes To Avoid After an Accident

What do avoid after an accident If you have been involved in an accident, you know how traumatizing and overwhelming the experience can be. The chaos caused by the sudden and unexpected events often makes it difficult for individuals to think on the spot about the necessary steps to ensure that the aftermath is not just as harrowing. To avoid making mistakes if you are in an accident, familiarize yourself with these common suggestions of steps to take to protect your interests:

  1. Underestimate Your Injuries: Saying that you are fine on impulse after an accident can come back to haunt you if it turns out you are injured. Symptoms might not arise for hours or even days after the accident. If you think that you are fine, it is better if you simply state that you are shaken up, but do not need emergent medical care and hope that you will be OK.
  1. Promptly Seek Medical Care: If after few days you think that you are injured at all, even to a slight degree, it is best that you see your general doctor, who can then evaluate the extent of injury and prescribe treatment if appropriate. Another important reason for seeing the doctor is to document that you were injured in the accident. When people put off going to the doctor for the first few weeks because they think they will get better, if the do not and make a personal injury claim the other party's insurer is likely to question if you were really injured in the accident since you did not timely see a doctor.
  1. Do Not Wait Too Long to Hire a Lawyer: If you are injured in an accident and especially if you are seriously injured, it is important that you retain an experienced lawyer who specializes in representing people with personal injuries. Often times there is evidence available shortly after an accident that can help you prove your case that is not available later. Moreover, a lawyer who specializes in representing seriously injured people can help make sure you get proper medical care for your injuries. Finally, if you wait way too long, there are deadlines (statutes of limitations) for filing suit and if you fail to do so timely your claim will be forever barred.
  1. Do Not Tell the Insurance Company Too Much: Never trust the at-fault party’s insurance company. Their goal is to save the insurance company money, which means ensuring you receive as little compensation as possible. The best rule is hire an experienced lawyer and do not give any statement at all to the other side's insurer. If you do talk with the other side's insurer, tell them only basic information and details, such as names, dates, and the location of the accident. Do not mention fault or the extent of your injuries. And finally only agree to give a statement if they agree to provide you with a copy of it.
  1. Gather Evidence and Do Not Admit Fault: At the scene, gather evidence. Take numerous pictures of the scene and both cars; take them from every conceivable angle. Make sure to get all of the other party's conatct information. Never admit fault even if your first inkling is that you might have caused the accident. Be polite. Ask if the other party needs medical assistance or help.
  1. Do Not Accept a Quick Settlement: Insurance companies often try to settle claims quickly and cheaply. Do not make the mistake of accepting an early offer. Wait and make sure that you are uninjured before agreeing to close out your rights. If you are injured, and especially if you are seriously injured, speak with an experienced lawyer before trying to represent yourself. If you prematurely settle your case and it turns out you are more injured than you thought, you will be responsible for your medical expenses and you will not receive fair compensation for your injuries.
  1. Do Not Discuss The Accident or Your Injuries on Social Media: Nothing good comes from publicly or even privately sharing information about your accident, your injuries or their effect on your life on social media. Even if you think your posts are private, your friend's pages and reposts are not. Insurance companies mine social media for statements they can later use to undermine your claims.

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