Risks of Catastrophic Injuries, Deaths Increase During Memorial Day Weekend

Risks of Catastrophic Injuries, Deaths Increase During Memorial Day Weekend

Car AccidentMemorial Day Weekend is nearly here, and for many the three-day weekend marks the unofficial beginning of summer. As such, it’s a common time for celebration, events, road trips, and vacations. With more people out and about, and with more people choosing to celebrate with alcohol, the holiday weekend presents unique and increased risks of preventable accidents, including those that result in serious or fatal injuries. In fact, studies have shown that Memorial Day Weekend is the deadliest holiday for car accidents.

According to AAA, traffic this holiday weekend is expected to be at its highest level since 2005, with an estimated 35 million Americans hitting the road. This influx in traffic, combined with risks posed by out-of-state drivers unfamiliar with local laws and more drivers impaired by alcohol, means greater risks for all motorists and pedestrians. According to statistics, Memorial Day Weekend averages over 310 traffic fatalities every year, as well as thousands of injuries.

At Biren Law Group, our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys have helped many victims who suffered preventable harm during holidays, including Memorial Day Weekend. Due to increased risks, we want to remind everyone about the importance of making safety a priority, especially when driving. This means always being aware and vigilant when behind the wheel, avoiding distractions, and never driving under the influence of alcohol.

To help you better understand some of the risks and unique issues related to accidents and Memorial Day Weekend, we’ve put together the following information:

  • Impaired driving – Impaired driving is a top concern at all times of the year, and especially so during holidays and three-day weekends. With more people choosing to celebrate with alcohol, there is a marked increase in alcohol-related accidents. This is why law enforcement typically ramps up DUI enforcement efforts during the holidays. Even when motorists make the responsible decision to drive sober, they can still suffer preventable harm when others do not. Fortunately, victims injured in drunk driving accidents have the right to hold impaired drivers liable for the damages they suffer.
  • Distracted drivingDriver distraction has become a leading factor behind recent increases in traffic deaths and injuries nationwide. This is because taking one’s attention off the road substantially increases crash risks, especially when that attention is diverted to texting or using a cell phone. With an increase in traffic, distracted drivers pose even more risks to public safety, as they may not be able to react to collision-critical situations. Although there are laws in place prohibiting motorists in California from using cell phones and texting, many drivers still do. When they cause preventable accidents as a result, they can be held accountable for any injuries they cause.
  • Drowsy driving – Studies have shown that driving tired can be just as dangerous as driving with a blood alcohol level that exceeds the legal limit. During long road trips or weekend getaways, many drivers on the road are fatigued. When tired drivers fail to take reasonable measures in reducing risks, such as taking naps or having another person drive, they engage in acts of negligence and increase risks of driving errors which put others in danger. As such, they too can be held liable for causing accidents and injuries.

By preparing in advance for a trip and making responsible decisions, you can help keep yourself and your family safe. However, even the most vigilant planning and care won’t eliminate risks posed by negligent drivers. When negligent motorists do cause accidents that result in serious injuries or death, it is important for victims and families to remember that our civil justice system provides them with the opportunity to make their voices heard, hold at-fault parties accountable for their conduct, and recover financial compensation for their damages, including medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering.

Our legal team at Biren Law Group makes ourselves available to all victims and families who suffer preventable harm during holidays or at any other time during the year. This includes victims from other cities or states who need experienced and proven lawyers familiar with local laws. Our attorneys draw from over 40 years of combined experience and focus exclusively on protecting the rights of clients who suffer all types of catastrophic injuries, including those involving brain injuries and serious spine or orthopedic injuries. We also have extensive experience fighting for victims injured by drunk, distracted, and drowsy drivers.

If you or your loved one has been injured anywhere in the Los Angeles area, our team is ready to help you understand your rights and what we can do to pursue the compensation you deserve. Contact us for a FREE consultation.


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