Lime E-Scooter Recalls, Growing Safety Concerns May Spark Increase in Lawsuits

Lime E-Scooter Recalls, Growing Safety Concerns May Spark Increase in Lawsuits

Lime may be one of the major players responsible for the explosive popularity of sharable electric scooters, but a set of recent recalls of its brand of e-scooters and growing concerns about the safety of its products may prompt another type of explosion – one that doesn’t look good for the company. According to a recent article from The Expert Institute, those recalls may very well lead to an increase in lawsuits.

The fate of Lime, and potentially other brands of e-scooters, is hanging in the balance following two recent recalls. These include:

  • An October 2018 recall of 2,000 electric scooters issued by Lime after reports revealed certain models of scooters had batteries which pose the risk of sudden fires. The recall affected three U.S. cities, one of which was Los Angeles.
  • A November 2018 recall, issued less than a month after the first, prompted by a number of scooters made by Chinese manufacturer Okai, which were prone to breaking.

Those two recalls are contributing to the already growing concerns about the questionable safety of Lime scooters, particularly given their rapid proliferation since the company was founded in 2017. Now worth an estimated $2+ billion, Lime has rentable scooters and bicycles in cities throughout the U.S. and countries abroad.

Lime Scooter Safety Risks

There are a number of safety risks associated with Lime scooters. These commonly include:

Recall-Related Risks – Los Angeles is one of the cities affected by Lime’s initial and subsequent recalls, which involved certain models of scooters that were prone to catching fire or breaking. Both of these issues pose risks to:

  • Riders, including risks of burn injuries and sudden accidents.
  • Others on the road who may walk, cycle, or drive near potentially hazardous scooters that can suddenly fail.
  • Individuals, known as “juicers” who are compensated for picking up and charging available e-scooters in their homes.

Product-Related Risks – Electric scooters have their fair share of problems, and many of the problems becoming apparent now have to do with the safety of the products companies like Lime, Bird, and other scooter startups provide. As consumer-based companies, these services have an obligation to ensure the scooters they make available to riders are safe to use. Defective, broken, and poorly maintained scooters can pose considerable risks of preventable accidents and injuries, as can failures to warn consumers about potential risks.

Accident Risks – As we discussed in a recent blog, emergency rooms throughout LA and the country have seen a rise in the number of patients who suffer harm in e-scooter accidents. These include injuries involving broken bones, skull fractures, dental and facial injuries, brain injuries (TBI), neck and back injuries, and others. Preventable scooter accidents may be caused by a number of factors, including:

  • Scooter rider negligence, including riders who injure pedestrians
  • Drivers of motor vehicles who drive drunk, distracted, or commit moving violations and other negligent acts behind the wheel
  • Property owners who fail to ensure the safety of their premises, or leave hazards in areas where scooter riders may travel
  • Defective and unsafe roadways, including improperly maintained roads and the negligence of public entities or contractors

The underlying factors of an e-scooter accident will ultimately dictate the course of action injured victims and families can take following preventable injuries. While this may involve legal action against negligent motorists or property owners, many of the recent issues plaguing Lime suggest that it may also involve a significant rise in lawsuits filed directly against the company. As with other product liability claims, these cases would require victims to prove that a defective scooter, or the scooter company’s failures to warn about potential defects and risks, more likely than not caused their injuries.

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