What's the Value of My Truck Accident Injury Case?

What's the Value of My Truck Accident Injury Case?

Truck and car accidentAs a personal injury law firm that has been representing victims and families throughout Los Angeles and Southern California for over 40 years, questions about the value of a potential case are some of the most common questions we hear. This is always understandable, as preventable injuries can create extensive losses and repercussions in the lives of victims and their loved ones, including considerable medical expenses, future medical needs, and lost income. This is especially true in cases involving commercial truck accidents, where victims are more likely to suffer catastrophic injuries that result in greater needs and losses.

While we understand concerns over finances and the ability to cover needed medical treatment loom large over any victim and family that has been impacted by a preventable trucking accident, we are not able to place a specific value on any single case, especially during its initial stages. This is due entirely to the fact that every case is different, and that every victim will have unique needs and damages as they navigate their recoveries, obtain treatment, and piece their lives back together. Ultimately, the most accurate answer to how much your case is worth is: it depends.

While the unique facts and circumstances involved in your accident determine how much you may be able to recover in a settlement or through a verdict at trial, there are ways to understand the value of your case and the types of compensation you would be eligible to recover. As a case progresses, we closely evaluate available damages and a victim’s specific situation to hone in on its ultimate value. Generally, these damages include:

  • Economic Damages – Victims can gain a better understanding of case value when they consider the economic damages they are eligible to recover in personal injury cases. These include damages that have a direct impact on their financial well-being, such as medical expenses, therapy costs, and lost wages caused by missing work. Additionally, for victims who experience more severe injuries that result in longer recoveries or even permanent impairment, economic damages may also include compensation for future needs, including the costs associated with future doctor appointments, living accommodations, and more. Future economic needs may also include lost future wages, as severe injuries may prevent victims from doing the work they once did or engaging in any type of gainful employment at all.
  • Non-economic damages – Victims who suffer injuries and catastrophic impairments in truck accidents face more than economic damages alone, which is why personal injury claims provide compensation for their intangible losses. These commonly include their physical pain and suffering (as well as future pain and suffering in severe injury cases), loss of enjoyment or quality of life, mental anguish, and other emotional injuries. Calculating non-economic damages suffered by victims is critical to pursuing the full value of their cases.
  • Punitive damages – While economic and non-economic damages comprise the core of most personal injury cases, there are some cases where victims can secure additional compensation in the form of punitive damages awarded against defendants. Punitive damages, also known as exemplary damages, are reserved for cases involving gross acts of negligence or recklessness, and are designed to further punish wrongdoers and establish a clear message that such conduct is never tolerated. When available, punitive damages should be pursued aggressively to maximize the value of a case.

Because every truck accident case is different, Biren Law Group places an emphasis on personally attending to our clients, understanding the full scope of their damages, and pursuing all available forms of compensation in their cases. With this focus and the abilities of our award-winning legal team, we strive to secure the maximum compensation possible.

Learn more about the potential value of your truck accident case, as well as how our firm can work to secure the compensation you deserve, by requesting a free and confidential consultation. Contact us to get started.


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