With the Help of 3D Animation and Video Technology, Biren Law Group Achieves Recovery for Victim’s Family

With the Help of 3D Animation and Video Technology, Biren Law Group Achieves Recovery for Victim’s Family

After an elderly woman was hit by a car in the parking lot of her retirement community, the defendant’s legal team did not offer any compensation for the victim’s family before Biren Law Group pursued a trial. In trial, we were able to recover a substantial verdict amount for the family using video technology as evidence.

The Biren Law Group team enlisted the help of MotionLit, a video production and graphic design company that provides visual aids to attorneys. In this case, their creation resulted in compensation for the family of the deceased victim.

The victim was walking through the lot when a man turned left and, with the sun in his eyes, hit her. Our mission was to prove the safety risks that the parking lot’s design presented.

The video we showed in trial, which involved drone footage and 3D animation, showcased the events that led up to the incident — where the woman was walking, and where the driver turned and hit her — from multiple angles. The video presented areas where the parking lot was lacking in safety measures: Perhaps a crosswalk or stop sign could have prevented the accident. MotionLit was able to impose those safety elements into the footage of the area, and show how they could have saved the life of the victim — and how their absence proved the negligence of the retirement community property owners.

Visual aids help juries understand the details of a case much more easily. As was true in this case, video technology can illustrate “what if” scenarios that demonstrate negligence. These tools provide crucial evidence to cases that may otherwise be difficult to resolve.

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