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Biren Prominently Featured in Book
Biren Prominently Featured in Book

Matthew B. F. Biren has recently had some of his most important work featured in the new book Slick Water: Fracking and One Insider’s Stand against the World’s Most Powerful Industry. In the book, author Andrew Nikiforuk highlighted an exceptionally triumphant case in which ...

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Blog posts in Los Angeles

  • Cycling in Los Angeles: Safety, Regulations, and Tips

    The densely populated urban make-up of Los Angeles can often make riding a bike a bit more tricky than most other areas, but cyclists and drivers of ...

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  • Los Angeles police officers involved in crash, 7 people injured

    Police officers are trusted to maintain order and safety among the public. Unfortunately, in some cases, they themselves become involved in events ...

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  • 21-year-old woman accused of drunk driving fatal car wreck

    Drunk driving is a serious crime in California, and for very good reason. Drunk drivers often commit extremely dangerous and deadly driving ...

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  • Suspected drunk driver crashes into California house

    Usually, we consider drunk drivers to be a risk to motorists. After all, thousands of alcohol-related car accidents occur each year. It pays to ...

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  • Study suggests that concussion victims need mental rest

    We have written in the past about how athletes who receive a concussion require a certain amount of physical rest before they can be allowed to return ...

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  • Tarzana man drinks beer immediately after fatal accident

    All drivers know that drunk driving is a serious crime, and many are aware of the heavy penalties that come with it – license suspension, heavy ...

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  • Can traumatic brain injuries cause seizures?

    Most people with brain injuries do not have seizures. However, seizures are a potential problem that some people who have suffered a traumatic brain ...

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  • What are incomplete spinal cord injuries?

    The most serious spinal cord injuries include quadriplegia , which can involve a complete loss of movement and sensation in all four limbs and ...

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  • 3-car crash kills 2 near Los Angeles

    When a young driver signs his or her driver's license for the first time, they make an agreement that they will do many things. They will not drive ...

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