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Spinal Cord Injury FAQ

Biren Law Group gladly answers questions from people who have suffered catastrophic injuries, as well as questions from family caregivers. We invite you to explore this page and contact us if you don’t see any answer to your question below.

What is the difference between a broken back and a spinal cord injury?
The term broken back generally refers to a fracture or dislocation of the vertebrae in the back. While these injuries can be extremely serious, if they do not impact the spinal cord, they can often heal without significant residual problems. A spinal cord injury, on the other hand, involves an injury to spinal cord, which can cause neurological deficits. At its worst, the spinal cord injury can cause paralysis.

Why do the symptoms of spinal cord injuries vary so much?
Every spinal injury is different. Every injured victim is different. A person who has had pre-existing neck or back pain, degeneration, or even arthritis is more vulnerable to having serious consequences following an accident that causes severe injuries. Everyone's spine is constructed differently: Some people have abnormally narrow spinal canals, which means the same injury that might only cause transient problems for one person can cause debilitating pain and suffering for another.

What is a typical timeline of recovery for a spinal cord injury patient?
As every patient’s injuries will vary, the typical timeline will also vary. Soft tissue injuries to the back or neck generally heal or recover within weeks or months with conservative care. Some neck and back injuries that involve irritated nerves respond relatively quickly to conservative care. Other times, more serious spine injuries can take months or even years, but eventually respond to conservative care ranging from anti-inflammatory medications to physical therapy to epidural injections. In other situations, there is no resolution until surgical intervention. However, some unfortunate spine injury victims may never fully recover, suffering permanent symptoms of their injury.

Where can I get the most up-to-date, effective treatment and therapy?
Doctors and rehabilitation facilities that specialize in treating spine injuries are generally the best treatment resources. Biren Law Group has resource and connections that can help direct you to the appropriate specialists for your unique case.

How will my family and I cope with the costs of my spine injury?
Health insurance will pay at least some of the costs for medical treatment. If you are disabled enough, you may be able to qualify for state disability or Social Security Disability. However, a majority of the most significant costs will not be covered by these options. If your accident was caused by another’s negligence, then you have a strong chance of recovering meaningful compensation for your damages. Biren Law Group can review your case for free and directing you on the next best steps.

Why do I need a lawyer after a spinal cord injury?
Even in cases where liability is clear, such as a big rig truck rear-ending a car stopped at a red light, you will need a proven lawyer if you want fair compensation. You don’t need just a lawyer with experience, but a lawyer who understands the full magnitude of harm caused by spine injuries. Insurance companies should not be expected to pay fair compensation unless they are forced to do so through settlement or jury verdict. Don’t fight for compensation alone when you can have our skilled team behind your case!

How can I make an appointment to talk to an attorney at Biren Law Group?
It is our goal to be as accessible as we can to potential clients and existing clients. Call (310) 896-4345 or fill out a free case evaluation to begin your journey towards recovery.

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